About Us

RWB, also known as Rauh-Welt Begriff is a company that was started in Chiba, Japan by Master Akira Nakai. RWB has officially opened operations in the Los Angeles area to support new and existing RWB customers and vehicles. 


Nakai-san has revitalized interest in the air-cooled community with his unique design along with custom touches for his clients. RWB is not just a body-kit manufacturer but a tailored customizer for air-cooled Porsches.


Nakai-san has combined both European and Japanese tuning elements into each of his creations. Started in a small shop in Chiba, RWB is well known in Porsche circles worldwide. The RWB name has been synonymous on both the streets as well as the track events throughout Japan.


RWB kits made in Japan and built with racing circuits torture in mind. Each kit is created and hand crafted by Nakai-san himself. This ensures that every client is given the time and personal touches expected by Rauh-Welt Begriff. If Nakai-san did not build it, it is not RWB.


Rauh-Welt Begriff Los Angeles presented by CYC Trading Group LLC